H&H Quality Food S.p.A. was founded in year 2000 by Mr Nicolò Angileri, General Manager, with the idea to accommodate those who suffer from coeliac disease by helping these living an existence free from gluten.

GlutenOut® is an innovative product line of high quality, made from raw materials free from gluten, certified from origin and with dietetic flour carefully chosen for each product. GlutenOut represents a wide range of specialities made with an almost craftmanslike love and passion, which can easily be aquired in pharmacies as well as supermarkets.

H&H Quality Food is dedicated exclusively to the production of frozen food free from gluten which offers several guarantees to the user of the product:

NUTRITIONAL VALUES: the dietetic flour used in our products guarantees an optimal nutritional balance in the final product.

FREEZING: by using a blast chiller, of latest generation, the specialities from Glutenout freezes within few minutes, which insures that the taste from the ingredients remains perfectly intact, and that the organic characteristics remains unchanged in advantage to the quality of the final product. The continuous freezing of the product through the whole chain of distribution guarantees the maintenance of the products by keeping it from exceeding a temperature of max. -18°C. Every speciality offered from Glutenout is guaranteed to be gluten free and to be an extraordinary gastronomic pleasure.

H&H Quality Food is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health to produce particular food according to the decree legislative: 111 of 27 January 1992.